Back Story

My love for wood working started when I was very young helping my grandfather in his garage: fixing furniture, building shelves, sanding whatever needed sanding.  I then went on to college, because that's what "logical" people do, and go a boring job right after.  While continuing to wood work on the side, I went through the motions of my "9-5" job.  Recently, I was given the opportunity to leave my job and put my time into what i really love doing - WOOD WORKING!

I love a challenge, so any custom idea is NEVER out of the question.  I'd love to create something special for you!


Every single item that comes out of Glenmar Woodshop is custom made for each client.  While some ideas can be similar in design, no two items will ever be identical because of different grains and imperfecions in the wood we use.  Just know that your item is 100% unique for you! thanks for looking!